How to Play Multi Hand Video Poker

April 18, 2017 Video Poker

Most people choose to play the single hand version of video poker games for a couple of reasons. First, playing more hands per bet means that you will be spending and risky more money. Secondly, people dont know if there is a different strategy for playing these multi hand games. Finally, some people dont like the fact that you may only get part of your original wager back.

On the other side of the fence, video poker players that play the multi hand games want to play them because they have a chance to win a bigger payout. When you receive a winning hand on the deal, every single hand that you draw will also be a winner. Depending on how much you are willing to risk, you can choose a different number of hands to play.

You can find Jacks or Better games that have 3 hands, 4 hands, 5 hands, 10 hands, 25 hands, 50 hands, 52 hands, and 100 hands. If you want to try video poker for your first time, I would suggest trying 10 hand Jacks or Better or less. Lets go over a couple of these games right now. The 3 hand Jacks or Better game below can be played at Slots LV.


With 3 hands, the basic strategy doesnt change much from the single hand version. In this case, I have a high pair in the hand. This is more important than the two cards to a Royal Flush. The other three cards are discarded. You can have a few results with these hands. You can get a high pair, two pair, three of a kind, full house, and a four of a kind.


The same holds true with 10 hand Jacks or Better. In the case shown above, you will want to have a chance to win a straight flush, so these are the three cards to hold. You might be tempted to hold the lower pair and go after a three of a kind. However, the reward for receiving even one straight flush would equal to getting 17 three of a kinds. You would only be able to expect to receive 1 or 2 three of a kinds out of the 10 hands and maybe 1 or 2 two pairs. Either way, your chance at a flush, straight, or straight flush gives you more value than breaking even at best like you would if you kept the low pair.


The hand above is going to be your dream scenario if you start to play a massive amount of hands such as this 52 hand game. Once you start playing these higher games, you need to start taking some chances and go after the higher ranking hands. This is the only way that you are going to profit when playing this many hands. If you just go after getting pairs, two pairs and three of a kinds, you can expect to only retrieve a portion of the money that you wagered. The first thing you must be aware of is the amount that you are betting per hand. The default coins spent per hand is 5¢. Multiply that by 52 hands and you are betting $2.60 per hand. If this is too rich for your blood, you may want to reduce the coin per hand wagered.


Now that we have gotten to the extreme of 100 hands, I have an example to show you for this as well. This is almost a hand that you throw away two pair, but not quite. I would have thrown away two pair if the three cards to a straight flush were consecutive. Since they are not, Im not going to throw away the guaranteed winning hand for the chance to get a straight flush. With three consecutive cards, you have a much better chance at receiving a straight and straight flush, which makes it worth the attempt.

Again, you will want to reduce the coin amount from 5¢ to 1¢ unless you are okay with betting $5 per hand. Remember, for every good hand that I have shown, you can expect about 5 hands where nothing special is going to happen for you. Betting 1¢ per hand means that a straight flush will only pay out $2.50, but one of them in 100 hands means that you will have won 2.5 times more than you wagered. No matter what, if you have 3 cards to a royal flush, you must keep those cards when you are playing 52 or 100 hands. It doesnt matter if they are consecutive or not. The 4000x payout is worth the risk.